5000 year old type

I’ve just spent 2 weeks in Egypt on holiday, relaxing, enjoying the sunshine (more accurately, sat in the shade trying not to get burnt) and trying to forget about computers and design. But, there is no escape.

One of the most fantastic experiences ever was a trip to Cairo, into the ancient world of the pharaohs and deep into the tunnels of the Pyramids. Seeing huge statues carved in marble, thousands of years old, the hieroglyphics carved so neatly and exactly as if carved by modern machines was amazing. Hieroglyphics took modern man decades to decipher before many of the ancient pharaohs secrets could be revealed. Now, tourists like me can buy, pretty much any naff ornament especially guilt, plastic gem encrusted, Tutankhamen mummy heads, with their name etched on in hieroglyphs.  

How mundane and ordinary is ABC compared to:

So where next, china?


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