From zero to 4000+ hits in 10 days!

It has to be noted that this is a success story and a half.

When Lincolnshire Fireworks came to us in late september asking for a site to promote their annual Fireworks Display on November the 6th we felt they had ‘left it a little late!’

The designs and development of the site went smoothy and swiftly with it’s official launch on 12th October 09. Visitors in the first few days we a steady growth from Zero to 30 people per day by the 27th October. The addition of SEO by design101 (and external advertising) the following 10 days saw a boom in visitors with over 1100 hits in one day, and a total of over 4000 visitors have viewed the site in the last 10 days.

Ticket sales have been amazing with over 300 transactions, purchasing an average of 3.5 tickets per transaction. Resulting in a viewer to purchase percentage of an amazing 13%!