Grants and Tender Funding

Funding Development offer insight, guidance, help and support for business applying for grants, they also help in building and successful tender applications.

Operation within public, private and 3rd sector industries Funding Development can help open doors to new business or grants to help businesses develop.

Their new brand ID wanted to reflect an experienced and professional organisation that offered friendly and practical advice. You can see the new logo and an example of the Brand Guidelines which help ensure a consistent use of the logo on future publications.

Funding Development Logo and Guidelines

Funding Development Logo and Guidelines


Green Streets

Green Street Media are finalists in the Barclays One Small Step competition to find Britain’s most innovative new companies.

Green Street Media who use a unique template system to pressure wash your logo and marketing message into pavements or roads. This means you have a semi-permanent message that does not require anything other than water to create! Completely clean and which naturally wears away over time.

I have been working with Conrad  to create a brand identity that encompasses his unique process and that instantly informs about the clean and green nature of the business. Here is his new brand identity.

Green Street Media

Green Street Media's New Corporate Identity