Britain’s Got Talent finalist Liam Richards, from Strike, is setting up a martial arts training academy here in Sheffield. design101 have designed and built a website which will allow Liam to promote the academy, showcase students progress and to build up an ‘excel‘lent reputation for Excel Academy.

The site has proved very popular and allows for training sessions and programmes to be showcased.


Excel-In-Life Excel Academy

Excel-In-Life Excel Academy



Moo la la is Sheffield’s newest restaurant and truly is ‘Your Local Restaurant’.

The aim of Moo is to specialise in local produce from local farmers and producers within Sheffield. The restaurant will open on the 15th March and will be serving a selection of beef, chicken and pork from Sheffield butchers – but will also offer many traditional classic dishes. Everything is home made and even the potatoes for the hand made chips are from local farmers. Pop in and enjoy a taste sensation.

The new identity has been design to create a fresh and modern feel to the restaurant and has been applied to a number of marketing materials, such as: menus, shop frontage and signage, email marketing, website, leaflets, posters, stationery and reservation cards.

Moo La La Marketing

Moo La La Marketing

Just how much should a website cost?

News of another poor soul who has paid ‘someone’ and extortionate amount of money to build them a website and yet again ended up with an unusable, poorly designed site that uses an ‘off the shelf’ CMS system has made the headlines in Sheffield again.

The real issue is that many agencies don’t publicise their fees, or costs for building sites, to allow them to charge the client ‘what they can afford’ rather than what it should cost. This means that the less savvy, technically bereft of clients, can be hoodwinked and convinced that the site they want is going to cost a not unsubstantial fortune.

We think this is wrong and it makes us angry that there are agencies out there taking advantage of clients and over charging them for functionality that they don’t want or need.

A professional web design agency (like design101) will…

1)     Be able to guide, support, advise and direct you and will be open to discuss the development time and costs for each element of the site.

2)     Demonstrate sites that they have built before and show you how your site will function and perform.

3)     Show you a list of satisfied customers who have benefited from their sites and statistics to back up improvements in traffic and sales.

4)     Quote a fixed price for project rather than an estimate of time to be taken and a cost per hour. Beware of hourly rates unless the total is capped or a monthly payment is agreed, as it is possible for the number of hours to be pumped to inflate the overall final cost above the initial quote.

A well designed, carefully built website should offer an investment return of between 100 – 400% in its first year depending on the size of the initial investment.

If you want your business to have a web presence which delivers effective results, have a look around our site: www.design101.co.uk, say hello by email or give us a call on 01709 300265.

We can help your business grow.


The Designed in Sheffield brand identity

Designed in Sheffield is a newly formed organisation aiming to promote and unite designers from all industries to work together and collaborate to become a strong and powerful platform for attracting new business to the Sheffield.

In order to introduce the organisation to the designers within the city a competition was opened allowing any designers to submit ideas for the brand identity of Designed in Sheffield. design101 were shortlisted in the top 5 from over 30 entries to develop our ideas further.

Detailed below are our ideas, thought processes and visuals that were part of our final presentation to the board of Designed in Sheffield:

We wanted to establish a brand identity which is fitting for the multitude of industries represented by Designed in Sheffield and also reflect the skills and expertise available from designers in Sheffield.

The brand needs to be a powerful identity in its own right and yet, be flexible and adaptable for use as an accreditation or alongside other branding.

Our concept was to take inspiration from the Hallmark. An instantly recognisable icon steeply bathed in Sheffield heritage and yet a perfect visual symbol which would happily compliment and work with other brand identities.
The logo utilised the initials from Designed in Sheffield (DiS) to allow for the graphic symbol part of the brand to be instantly recognisable, with or without the full graphic lettering for the logo.

The logo was applied to various marketing and promotional materials including: a website; posters; membership pack; merchandise, and more.

The full presentation can be viewed here…

The competition was finally won by Ray Jepson from JepsonOne. Congratulations Ray.

I’m sure we will all start to see the brand evolve and become part of scenery in and around Sheffield and hopefully further afield too.

Click here to see Ray’s designs…