Is everything just a coincidence?

Is it me, or are the things we are familiar with, easier to notice?  I often find that I plan some trip to some remote city in a country I could not point to on a map and by the time I get back… it’s everywhere! On the back of a bus, on the telly, in the news or that Mrs Jenkins from number 3 down the road, went last year! Do we only see and hear what we know best? 

Since the inception of design101 back in August – the number 101 seems to have become a very big part of my conscious. From Dalmatians to rooms, telephone numbers to KISS radio – it seems to be everywhere. 

Then look what happed this morning… 

message 1 of 101

101 messages

I feel like I’m in the twilight zone!


Google – the dogs dangly bits

Google has become a household name and has earned its place to become an invaluable tool in current times. The Google brand identity is instantly recognisable and has been a major part of establishing the global Google phenomenon.

Part of the unique nature of Google has been born from the use of personalising the search engine home page to pay respect and homage to key events in history as well as adding humour and interest to holidays and other notable dates.

The use of ‘themed’ Google logos has gained a large fan base and the next versions are always eagerly awaited. Logos are developed for many notable dates, anniversaries and birthdays across the world.

Google Holiday Logos

Google Holiday Logos

Some of my personal favourites are shown Here. To see all the Google Holiday Logos click here.