The Designed in Sheffield brand identity

Designed in Sheffield is a newly formed organisation aiming to promote and unite designers from all industries to work together and collaborate to become a strong and powerful platform for attracting new business to the Sheffield.

In order to introduce the organisation to the designers within the city a competition was opened allowing any designers to submit ideas for the brand identity of Designed in Sheffield. design101 were shortlisted in the top 5 from over 30 entries to develop our ideas further.

Detailed below are our ideas, thought processes and visuals that were part of our final presentation to the board of Designed in Sheffield:

We wanted to establish a brand identity which is fitting for the multitude of industries represented by Designed in Sheffield and also reflect the skills and expertise available from designers in Sheffield.

The brand needs to be a powerful identity in its own right and yet, be flexible and adaptable for use as an accreditation or alongside other branding.

Our concept was to take inspiration from the Hallmark. An instantly recognisable icon steeply bathed in Sheffield heritage and yet a perfect visual symbol which would happily compliment and work with other brand identities.
The logo utilised the initials from Designed in Sheffield (DiS) to allow for the graphic symbol part of the brand to be instantly recognisable, with or without the full graphic lettering for the logo.

The logo was applied to various marketing and promotional materials including: a website; posters; membership pack; merchandise, and more.

The full presentation can be viewed here…

The competition was finally won by Ray Jepson from JepsonOne. Congratulations Ray.

I’m sure we will all start to see the brand evolve and become part of scenery in and around Sheffield and hopefully further afield too.

Click here to see Ray’s designs…