It’s been great working on a new brand identity and website for the high-tech telescope company called AstroScienTech.

The company is based in Rotherham are designers and manufactures of Dew Heaters for telescopes.

AstroScienTech Website

AstroScienTech Website

The company use a revolutionary technique for their product and were therefore looking for an eye-catching and technical feel for their new brand and website.



Green Streets

Green Street Media are finalists in the Barclays One Small Step competition to find Britain’s most innovative new companies.

Green Street Media who use a unique template system to pressure wash your logo and marketing message into pavements or roads. This means you have a semi-permanent message that does not require anything other than water to create! Completely clean and which naturally wears away over time.

I have been working with Conrad  to create a brand identity that encompasses his unique process and that instantly informs about the clean and green nature of the business. Here is his new brand identity.

Green Street Media

Green Street Media's New Corporate Identity

Happy New Year!

Looking back at 2010…

We have had some ups and downs, but there have been many more ups…

Anna goes to Romania on a snowboarding holiday, no snow = lots of drinking instead…
Peel & Shaw Continuity Website goes live.
ArenaTicket shop starts to take a share of the ticket market in Sheffield.

Two become three as Andi joins the design101 team.
New client TechSecure Solutions sign up for design101 brand treatment.
design101 team up with PR expert Darryl Dawson and http://www.connexions.uk.net is launched.
b&e choose design101 to be their new design partner and commission their annual review.

TransTechnical give their website the design101 treatment to get them up and running.
With help from design101, Gourmets Itallia branch out into the luxury Hamper market.
Manage our first photoshoot as the production of b&e review storms on.

New clients come flooding in, Total Accounting, NIS Systems, Find-a-part.com.
design101 are chosen for the Designing Demand project with Sheffield company Practical control.
b&e annual review printed and received with a massive positive response… well done everyone.

New website for our first international client, Silver State Supplies, goes live.
Recruitment starts for employee number 4.
CS5 arrives in the Studio… mixed opinions but everyone just loves content aware fill.

Holidays all round…
Joe starts as Account Manager to keep us all in check.
Excel Academy run by Liam Richardson from Strike choose design101 to develop their site.

Print, print, print – letterheads, compliment slips and business card galore this month.
Think Nick’s put his feet up… oh no, it’s time to re-write the whole CMS system in .net.
More new clients, Broadsword Print Management, Trading4Change and Groundwork Sheffield…

design101 celebrate our first birthday.
Kineo eLearning choose desgin101 as graphic supplier for their online courses.
The Blue Loop website launches at the Waterfront event at Victoria Quays

design101 are delighted to have designed the new Sheffield City Hall website.
design101 are shortlisted for the Designed in Sheffield branding competition.
New client TransLinc join the design101 family of clients.

b&e website gets under way.
design101 help get TransLinc prepared for the Adept Conference.
The plan to move begins.

AstroScienTech has been a year in the making, but it’s been worth the wait.
The big move gets nearer.

design101 settle in to their new Sheffield office.
Development begins on the Green Roof Guidelines PDF generating system for their web based guide.
Christmas party… lots to eat and drink and Frankie Boyle… what more could we need.

I want to say a big thank you to the rest of the design101 team, and to all our customers and hope that 2011 will be even better.

Amazon – I love you!

Yet again, while the dread of Christmas shopping hangs over most people, I have to confess I smile inside, smug in the knowledge that all my shopping will be done without stepping foot in a single shop.

As possibly, the only woman alive to actively hate shopping, the vast choice, the online suggestions, free delivery, basket total (which eliminates any overspending) and lack of sore feet just make me look forward to Christmas a whole lot more.

So while I’m sat a home, toasty warm in front of the fire with a mug of hot chocolate (with marshmallows and squirty cream) in one hand and the ipad in the other, perusing for the ideal gift, I will spare a thought for all of you out there with cold noses and aching feet.

Cost v Quality V Speed

This may well be an old saying, but after this week it’s one that seems particularly poignant to the design industry.

If it’s Good and Cheap it will not be Quick

If it’s Cheap and Quick it will not be Good


If it’s Fast and Good it will not be cheap

Perhaps we need to make our new mission statement

If it’s Fast, Excellent Value and Good it must have been done by design101…

Just how much should a website cost?

News of another poor soul who has paid ‘someone’ and extortionate amount of money to build them a website and yet again ended up with an unusable, poorly designed site that uses an ‘off the shelf’ CMS system has made the headlines in Sheffield again.

The real issue is that many agencies don’t publicise their fees, or costs for building sites, to allow them to charge the client ‘what they can afford’ rather than what it should cost. This means that the less savvy, technically bereft of clients, can be hoodwinked and convinced that the site they want is going to cost a not unsubstantial fortune.

We think this is wrong and it makes us angry that there are agencies out there taking advantage of clients and over charging them for functionality that they don’t want or need.

A professional web design agency (like design101) will…

1)     Be able to guide, support, advise and direct you and will be open to discuss the development time and costs for each element of the site.

2)     Demonstrate sites that they have built before and show you how your site will function and perform.

3)     Show you a list of satisfied customers who have benefited from their sites and statistics to back up improvements in traffic and sales.

4)     Quote a fixed price for project rather than an estimate of time to be taken and a cost per hour. Beware of hourly rates unless the total is capped or a monthly payment is agreed, as it is possible for the number of hours to be pumped to inflate the overall final cost above the initial quote.

A well designed, carefully built website should offer an investment return of between 100 – 400% in its first year depending on the size of the initial investment.

If you want your business to have a web presence which delivers effective results, have a look around our site: www.design101.co.uk, say hello by email or give us a call on 01709 300265.

We can help your business grow.